Date : 16/06/2024 



Responsive Web Design

Course Duration

90 Days

Total Classes

Classes : 35

Regular Fees

25% Discount Fees

Responsive Web Design Course


Advanced Responsive Web Design Course is designed for those who want to learn about web design and its fundamentals. This course will teach you about the basics of web design, such as HTML markup language and CSS styling. You will learn how a web page is designed to be responsive. Learning web design can help you create websites or apps that are user-friendly, attractive, and easy to use. Not all websites are reliable and user-friendly. A fast, organized, and optimized website is always considered to be the best. We will learn the basics of how a website is made. Even if you are new to IT world, you will be able to understand this course module.

Course Module

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Professional Graphics Design Course

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Course Requirements/Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of computer operating

Basic knowledge of internet browsing (email/google/facebook).

Basic knowledge of English (Reading/Writing/Speaking).