Date : 22/05/2024 



Graphic Design With Clipping Path

Course Duration

40 Days

Total Classes

Classes : 15

Regular Fees

25% Discount Fees

<p>Graphics Design With Clipping Path</p>


Clipping Path is a graphics design technique. It is mainly used to remove background of an image to make the object remain in focus. Clipping Path is an important technique which helps to create a perfect look for products, people or even logos. There are tons of this work available in online marketplaces. Our Clipping Path Training Course will train you with all the necessary skills to be technically sound handling this job. To promote an online business, you should have good content to publish. To create brand value for any business, a good graphics is a must. From Email marketing all the way to YouTube, everywhere we need good content. We offer advanced Graphics Design courses, so you never have to slow down in your career and with your own business as well.

Course Module

Upcoming Batch

Professional Graphics Design Course

Main Class
⦿ Introduction to Clipping Path
⦿ Types of Clipping Paths ⦿ Tools and Techniques ⦿ Photoshop Clipping Paths ⦿ Workflow and Best Practices ⦿ Advanced Clipping Path Techniques ⦿ Using Clipping Paths in Graphic Design ⦿ Using Clipping Paths in Photo Editing ⦿ Real-world Applications

Special Class

⦿ Introduce to online marketplace (Fiver, Freelancer & Upwork )

⦿ Fiverr Account Creation

⦿ Gig Research

⦿ Fiverr Effective Gig making

⦿ Fiverr Gig Marketing

⦿ Freelancer Contest & Bid

⦿ Upwork Account Creation 

⦿ Upwork Account 100% Approved

⦿ Upwork Project Ready

⦿ Upwork Bid Technique

⦿ Upwork Buyer Handling

Course Requirements/Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of computer operating.

Basic knowledge of internet browsing (email/google/facebook).

Basic knowledge of English (Reading/Writing/Speaking).